2022 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering(CEEE 2022)
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Oral Speeches 1

Yicong Xue,Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology

Title: Cyclic Behavior of High Performance Steel Reinforced Concrete Composite Columns

Oral Speeches 2

XiaoTong Wang,Beijing University of Technology

Title: Effects of sludge morphology on the anammox process: analysis from the perspectives of performance, structure, and microbial community

Oral Speeches 3

Juan Wang, Chang’an University

Title: Study on Model of Penetration into Thick Metallic Targets with Finite Planar Sizes by Rigid Projectiles

Oral Speeches 4

Chang Sun, China National Engineering Research Center for Human Settlements

Title: Current Situation of Carbon Emission from Rural Residences in Northern China and Strategy for Low Carbon Operation

Oral Speeches 5

Quanwei LV, from Chongqing University

Title: Study on the pyrolysis characteristics of oil-based drill cuttings

Oral Speeches 6

Liyan Yang, Ministry of Ecology and Environment

Title: Analysis of Environmental and Economic Situation Based on Ecological and Environmental Zoning Management System of “Three Lines and One Permit”